Go to hell all stupid bad ugly evil Hispanic male Give me freedom or give me death, that how you stupid bad ugly evil Hispanic man must have to shot that woman dead before you have the shame to steal her tap water, too stupid bad ugly evil to see how Bible clearly stated even Jesus must have h 591ad to ask that woman to fetch the water from her village site public well. You stupid bad ugly evil Hispanic wants to trespass any American home land, you need kill (That how every man must have the right 建築設計 to kill any foreigner appearing in front of his eyes, because that foreigner must have the right to kill them all once a time then to take over the ID one by one to finish them all invisibly. That how you need to do your duty to 租房子kill Hillary Clinton before she got any chance to kill any your rich and famous, poor and nobody knows to make her slavery to take over their IDs to finish all you invisibly. That may explain how former Israeli head dared not see Doctor inside USA dur 買屋ing Clinton White House time even he's in the life and death emergency fatal moment or seconds.)all American first to take over all American homeland. Attack one American home land, Attack all American land. Sue one American home land, Sue all American home land. You stupid 花蓮民宿 bad ulgy evil Hispanic dare see Homeowner right like nothing, how dare you can have the shame to sue anyone in the lawful Court (That how come every man must have to see his spouse like his Queen, so that he can have the right to demand anyone else to respect her like Queen, he dare step her d 房屋出租own the floor, he must have no right to demand or expect anyone to look her up, that how that stupid bad ugly evil doer JungShiauLin must wish himself to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later; you slap her face, you must have no right to demand anyone else to see her face value that how that bossy D seoanny Lain must wish himeself to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. That how your public worker, your school worker, your teacher, your parents, must have no right to force anyone of you to do any thing<That may explain how come your law makers must do the duty to seal your border, to ban all import/export, but must have no 商務中心right to force you to pay any tax to feed their selfish big mouthful stomach belly.>, otherwise, they must lose their moral authority to guard your freedom to do good things. That how a teacher must not abuse teacher authority to force any student to listen to him or her in the classroom, as long as your student not to bother anyone else, you must respe 房地產ct the student's right to fall on sleep or read any non-rated book quietly at self in front of your eyes as long as your student not to snore or have any sleep walk or talk to interrupt your classroom time.)instead of just rely on your own fire arms to kill.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 節能燈具  .
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